about us

Hi! We are Workin Digital.

What do we do?

We create visually effective virtual and hybrid events, that impress, motivate, drive results, raise money and strengthen the position. We have been working with organizations in Poland since 2019 helping thousands of people to get connected – both online and offline, facilitating creative, emotional or reporting interactions.

How do we work?

Creating experiences is a process that requires close cooperation. We work together with you – we get to know you, your business, goals, needs or desired outcomes. We approach success from your perspective, and this allows us to execute the strategy in a way which satisfies all expectations.

We are eager to develop our knowledge and competencies – this ensures we maintain a top position in our industry, but also arouses curiosity. Therefore be prepared for lots of questions!

Why does it matter?

How many online conferences have you attended, where there was no end to technical issues? Or maybe you are going to arrange one?

We agree: it is very easy to get lost in the nuances of technologies which support virtual events. Cables, sockets, cameras, microphones, programs… – there are so many of them!

At Workin Digital we focus on the production and execution of high quality content and programs, which expand the reach, build valuable relationships and ultimately – they stretch the mind.

When cooperating with companies, brands or producers, we concentrate on creative work, but also on technical or production tasks, so that you can focus on creating your ideas and relationships, or on what really matters to you.

In the pandemic, our work has taken an added importance. When organizations strive to have contact with the audience, we help them produce engaging projects using proven technologies.

What we believe in?

First of all… we believe in the power of a carefully selected team. When starting to work with us, it is our team that will make sure you reach your objectives, or even exceed your expected outcomes.

We also believe in our competences: knowledge, experience, know-how and technical resources. When combined with professionalism and unlimited creativity of our people, it gives us the potential to create, together with you, something unique.

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