online transmissions

We execute comprehensive online streaming, both from our studio in Warsaw and from any location of your choice.

We can stream anywhere – in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or on any other dedicated websites. And if you are not sure which platform to choose – don’t worry. We will recommend the right solution for you.

If you choose Workin Digital, you can be sure that we will handle all relevant details of your project.. We will prepare effective graphics (boards, notes, multimedia), facilitate seamless integration with external audio/video sources (presentations), and even the display of Facebook or Twitter comments during live streaming.

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What we can

do for You:


  • Streaming mixer (4K, FULL HD, HD)
  • Video cameras (4K, FULL HD, HD)
  • Video recorder (4K, FULL HD, HD)
  • Sound mixer
  • Multimedia projectors + display screens
  • Video switcher
  • Tie clip or handheld microphones
  • Light system
  • Internet connection
  • Streaming monitors
  • Laptops or computers

Additional options:

  • Access for participants to join streaming
  • Planning and direction of streaming
  • Additional streaming equipment
  • Additional operators and engineers
  • Make-up
  • Art direction
  • Graphic design for streaming, e.g. beams
  • Access for participants to join streaming
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Foreign language interpretation/translation


  • Streaming Engineer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Cameramen
  • Moderator
  • Project Manager

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